Kirsi J. Sahlberg

Mental Illness by Numbers

~The Mystery of Mental Illness Uncovered~

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Have you ever wondered why people have low
self-esteem or self-confidence?

Why we have trouble managing our weight or
why we have commitment issues?

What makes us addicted to food or prone
to substance abuse?

Have you ever wondered why people are
aggressive, inhumane, dishonest, rude, short-
tempered, irrational, narrow-minded
or controlling?

What makes us emotionally cold, emotionally
unstable, hypersensitive, anxious, chronically
depressed, unfocused, hyperactive, impulsive,
compulsive, obsessive, anorectic, bulimic,
autistic, hyper, manic, schizophrenic or

The answer is:
our unbalanced birth and name numbers.

Mental illness has been a mystery for a
long time, because the energy, which
creates our feelings and behaviour
patterns, is invisible.

It becomes visible when we use nume-
rology to find out our personal numbers,
the energies they represent and the feelings
and the behaviour patterns they create.

Mental "disorders", mental "illnesses"
and personality problems are the result
of our unbalanced personal numbers.

The cause of mental "illness" is an energy
imbalance in our personal energy field,
not a chemical imbalance in the brain,
largely promoted by the pharmaceutical

The book contains chapters about
ADHD, ADD, Alcohol And Drug
Addiction, Autism, Anorexia,
Bulimia, Bipolar Disorder, OCD and

Mental Illness by Numbers clarifies
and uncovers the real reasons behind
mental health and personality problems
and guides you, the reader of this book,
how to calculate your own personal num-
bers and at the same time, learn about
your personality and discover the num-
bers behind the possible mental health
or personality problems.


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